Welcome to the website of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the TEI of Piraeus. Hopefully the pages can be a valuable tool in your research and information gathering about the Department.

The Engineering Department of the TEI of Piraeus is the oldest and largest Department of Engineering in the country , with superior educational and research activities and has the task of transmitting specialized scientific and technological knowledge to its students and encouraging their applications.

The Department focuses on classics as well as in modern fields of Engineering with a continuous presence in research and scientific activities and collaborations with Greek and European educational and research institutions. It aims to give graduates the necessary skills and also to shape their way of thinking and working in order to ensure the best prospects for successful professional careers and / or further studies into the intense demands of modern times.

Attendance at the Department of Mechanical Engineering typically lasts eight semesters. The curriculum includes general courses during the first semesters and specialty courses. At the fifth semester our students have the opportunity to opt for continuation of their studies either in the Energy field or in the Construction field, depending on their orientation and interests. During their final semester all students conduct practical training and prepare a thesis, necessary conditions for the successful completion of their studies.

The knowledge and the experiences of the graduates of the Engineering Department enable them to work in a wide range of industrial units or other business units, in both traditional and modern fields of Engineering, where they require specialized knowledge and direct practical application. Also, the Department’s graduates have the necessary background knowledge to be able to successfully attend postgraduate programs in the Department itself and other programs in Greece and abroad.

We believe that, with adequate support from the state, the Department of Mechanical Engineering has the best possible conditions to grow and claim the place it deserves in higher technological education in the country. We as members of the Department are committed to ongoing and creative effort in this direction, and we will continue to assert constantly improving infrastructure, processes, training and any kind of activity that will affect the conditions of study in the best way possible and improves the future prospects of our graduates.


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